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fruit-veggies.jpgNutrition After Baby Arrives 

A new baby brings joy, but keeps you very busy. You may want to lose weight but feel you don’t have the time to eat right. Here are some tips for losing weight that you can easily work into your daily activities.

After baby is born, remember:

  • Quick weight loss is unhealthy and usually does not last. 
  • Losing weight will take some time.
  • Losing one pound per week is safe.
  • Exercise can help you to lose weight. Ask you doctor what kinds of exercise you can do.  

What can I do to help me lose weight after my baby is born? 

  • Eat at least six servings of breads, cereals, pasta and rice every day.
  • Eat at least five fruits and vegetables every day.
  • Try skim or 1% milk and low fat cheeses.
  • Eat low fat meats that are baked, broiled, or steamed instead of fried.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Exercise.

What can I eat when I don't have time to cook? With a new baby, you may feel like you never have time to cook. Here are some quick healthy ideas:

  • Cereal with skim milk and fruit.
  • Fresh or canned fruit with low fat yogurt.
  • Low fat cheese with low fat crackers.
  • Tuna, ham, or turkey sandwiches.
  • Pre-cut vegetables.
  • Microwaved baked potato topped with canned chili beans.

What about sweets, chips and deserts? You deserve a treat once in a while! Just don't overdo it.

  • Buy them only occasionally.
  • Eat small portions. Take out only what your plan to eat.
  • Eat them after a meal when you’re less hungry.


It is important to balance proper nutrition for you and your baby with your busy schedule. Use these tips to strive for good nutrition!Love Your Baby — Love Your Body!

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